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My Name is Claudio Spiritelli.
I currently leave in Mantova,  North Italy.
I have many different hobbies that I would like to share with the visitors of my page, in particular my Radio and Flying hobbies.
On my pages you will find many different information regarding Old Radios collection, HamRadio, Ultralights flying and many other interesting activities.
It may takes sometime to visit all the pages, but you do not need to read everything in one day, you can come back.
I hope you find some useful information, thanks for visiting.

Old Radios
Here's a collection of old radios,
including a  review of Catalins.
You find here a Catalin Catalog
with the best current price value.
My Different Hobbies                                 My Favorite Work

Here's my Station link.
Many information about
remoting technics.
Mantova North Flying Field
Here's my private landing strip.
Other information about ultralights

Remote station: 3 years of tuning
A brief schematic of my remote station.

A culinary work: A pig roast
Every year around the third week
of August an impressive Pig Roast.
Other Informations
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Old Radios 

         IK2YCW Station
     Mantova North