Since June 2007 is active a "IK2YCW San Giorgio Remote Station" fully controlled by Internet.
The station features an ICOM 756proII, an Acom 2000 fully automatic amplifier.
A 2X4 elements SteppIR antenna with 40 an 30 meters option and two dipoles.One for 160 and one for 80 meters band.
2 Beverages 268 meters long:one at 330 and the second at 35 degrees.I can select remotly the needed beverage
The station is fully automated, it can be turned ON and OFF by an SMS message and then controlled by
a PC with Internet connection.
The software to controll the radio can be any commercial available packages (I am using DXlab or in alternative HamDeluxe)
I am using also Serial ports over TCP/IP instead of local serial ports.
There are many software available to transfer serial ports over TCP/IP,
but my preference is the "Serial to Ethernet Connector".

For the voice link, I am using either SKYPE (for worldwide locations) or a 420Mhz link
with an Icom 7000 when I am on my regular QTH.

In the next pictures you can see a schematic of the station and below a picture of the Tower with 4x4 Steppir antennas as well as dipoles and the two beverages.

Look at my Remote Station Presentation

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