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Fosco in front and Claudio on back seat, flying a beautiful MaxAir 503 over the Italian country

This is a wonderful hobby, you can experience a real flying feeling. I do have experience with several airplanes, but nothing is like flying an ultralight in a beautiful summer sunset. If you like to know more about it, please contact the following sites:


Fosco is ready to take off on a Maxair 503

Tano is buzzing the tower at Mantova North.

Claudio ready with a small Phantom

Marcello flying the Storm over the Mincio Valley

Urbano just landed with Speedy, build by "Lucchini"

Franco is getting ready to fly with " Nerone"

Here it is the symbol of our flying field.....a real ultralight

Here it is ...Davide with a new Rotorway on his take-off procedure

Here we go....the "Mantova Top Guns"...spoiling the fishes in the early morning

Alcuni video di voli su ultraleggero

Visualizza il filmato "Volo sul PO"

Visualizza il filmato "Volo sui Casolari Mantovani"

Visualizza il filmato "Vari voli su Ultraleggeri"

The following is the "New Mantova Nord Field". All of you are welcome.
Here is the Communication, Briefing room, Weather Center and Sensors

Please check our current real time weather

Mincio Park
Loto Flowers
Mantova City
Fly over my house
Fly over a Farm
Fly over a village
Fly to Mantova
Fly over the City
Fly over the Castle

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