The Mincio Park offers ways to see and learn about the natural surrindings respectfully.
You can easily walk through the park on trekking, or bycicle paths, on horseback or from a boat.You will discover natural and anthropic wiews of the countryside: the hills and the humid areas.
The most adventurous can navigate down the river Mincio between Pozzolo and Goito by canoe. The lovers of quiet life who wish to be transported by the slow water of the river can make boat excursions in the inusual scenes of the Mincio Valley or visit by motorboat, the far end of the river.
For people visiting the Mincio Park during the mid-august holiday (Ferragosto), we suggest the traditional Fiera delle Grazie , a fair which takes place in Grazie, a small village only a few miles from Mantova. During this fair , in front of the sanctuary, a meeting of Madonnari is held; they are street painters who draw many multicoloured paintings with their chalks on the churchyard pavement.

For guided visits and tous please contact the Park's office every morning from
9.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.
Telephone +39 - 376 - 362834

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