Here below my updated DXCC score:

Video taken from the top of the 3 elements 40 meters antenna

Please see my QSO livestream

New Shack 2018-2020 views

Please note the Faraday cage all around the room...big improvement compare to the old set up


IARU 2018

Station 1 & 2 with Icom 7851 and 7800 and OMPower 4000A & OMPower 3500A a glass of cold beer

Station 3 at the end of the table with Icom 7800 and ACOM 2000A.
All antennas have 4O3A filters on high power and each station have a OM6BPF filter on low power line

Station 1 & 2 running Wintest in the IARU 2018 contest as IO2HQ.
Antennas are managed by 3 Station Masters and several automatic Microham 10 switchs
that allow each station to use any free antennas

IK2QPR and IW2HAJ in IARU 2018 contest as IO2HQ

My workinng bench where I try to fix everyday's problems

A view of the IK2YCW antennas farm with 3 Towers.

TOWER 1: 2x SteppIR 4 elements and 6 elements for 50 Mhz.

TOWER 2: OB30-40: 2 elements for 30 and 40 meters at 29 meters
and OB21-3: 5 elements for 20, 5 elements for 15, and 11 elements for 10 at 26 meters

TOWER 3: 3 elements for 40 at 30 meters high, 5 elements for 20 at 34
meters high and 6 elements for 15 at 38 meters high
(still missing a 6x15 at 28 meters and 5x20 at 23 meters for stack purpose)

Vertical for 160: 27 meters toll with capacitive adaptor and 64 radials
Vertical for 80: Full size with 64 radials

Dipole for 160, 80 and 40 meters.

See the new vertical multiband and the new 4SQ 160-80 meters inband antennas on the pictures below

A partial view of the IK2YCW antennas farm with 2x SteppIR 4 elements on TOWER 1
the OB30-40 meters and the OB21-3 on TOWER 2
Vertical for 160 meters and Vertical for 80 meters.
Dipole for 80 and 160 meters, 6 elements for 6 meters on Tower 1.

A view of new Tower 3: 3 elem x 40 , 5 elem x 20 , 6 elem x 15.
Next year we are going to add a stack of 15 and 20 meters antennas
You may see also a good 80 meters dipole hanging from the tower, soon I will add one more 160 dipole

A morning view of TOWER 3

Tower 3 control box.
Wifi and Internet controlled: Up, Down, Rotator all Wifi/internet controlled.
Tower will automatically retract with wind exciting 50 km/hrs.

A view of TOWER 2 with an OB30-40 for 40&30 at 28 meters high
The OB21-3 for 20-15-10 meters at 25 meters high
There are 2 elements for 40 and 30 meters, 5 elements for 20 and 15 meters, and 11 elements for 10 meters.

A view of TOWER 1 with 2x 4 elem (20-15-10) Stepper in Stack (the 40 meters bazookas have been removed)

Latest 4SQ receiving antenna. Here you see the control box.
Directions: 350,80,170,260 degrees.

One element of the 4SQ receiving antenna spaced for 80-160 meters.

The inband vertical antenna to use for all bands.

View of 2 Beverages connection internet controlled unit
Only beverage 300 degrees will be up all year, the others will be up only in winter time

View of my 300 - 340 and 60 degrees beverages

View of my 5 beverages internet controlled unit

View of my beverages termination load and direction inverter internet controlled unit

Pictures collection of my station since 2004


From left Low level: Monitor PC 1, Icom 7800, Icom SP-20, SM-8, Icom IC-781, Monitor PC 2
From left Mid level: Speaker, Kenwood R-5000, Speaker, Universal M-7000 Decoder
Fron left II Mid level: Yaesu G-450C Rotor, Kenwood TS-120V, Icom 706 MKIIG, RTTY Monitor
Top level: Icom 756 ProII

From left:Henry Amplifier 3KW, Siemens Funk 745E 309b,Geloso G4/214, Geloso G-222

Quad 2 Elements "Cubex" tri-bands during assembly and testing before final installation

Since June 2007 is active a "IK2YCW San Giorgio Remote Station" fully controlled by Internet.
The station features an ICOM 756proII, an Acom 2000 fully automatic amplifier.
A 2X4 elements SteppIR antenna with 40 an 30 meters option and two dipoles.One for 160 and one for 80 meters band.
2 Beverages 268 meters long:one at 330 and the second at 35 degrees.I can select remotly the needed beverage
The station is fully automated, it can be turned ON and OFF by an SMS message and then controlled by
a PC with Internet connection.
The software to controll the radio can be any commercial available packages (I am using DXlab or in alternative HamDeluxe)
I am using also Serial ports over TCP/IP instead of local serial ports.
There are many software available to transfer serial ports over TCP/IP,
but my preference is the "Serial to Ethernet Connector".

For the voice link, I am using either SKYPE (for worldwide locations) or a 420Mhz link
with an Icom 7000 when I am on my regular QTH.

In the next pictures you can see a schematic of the station and below a picture of the Tower
with 4x4 Steppir antennas as well as dipoles and the two beverages.

San Giorgio IK2YCW Remote Station control Diagram

Look at my Remote Station Presentation

Look at my AWARDS and QSL

San Giorgio IK2YCW Remote controlled station

A different view of the 4x4 SteppIR

A view of the 4x4 SteppIR with a 6 elements for 6 meters

The vertical for 80 meters with 64 radials

A few details for the 80 meters vertical

Old Shack views

All 3 Stations view

Station 1 with Icom 7800, OMPower 3500A and 4O3A Filters (Main Station)

Station 2 with Icom 756 ProII and ACOM 2000A

Station 3 with Icom 781 and Henry 3K-A

Beverages view

Look at my AWARDS and QSL

If you like to contact me, please send mail to OldRadio

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