Patrizia Minelli


Patrizia Minelli was born in 1958 in Mantova (Italy). She lives in Mantova and works as a painter since 1980.

1985: She exhibits her works in Theater «Salus» of Legnago (Verona) in her first one-man show, after which, in 1988 she is invited to Middletown's «Middfest International» (Ohio - USA).

1989: She graduates in painting at Academy of Fine Arts «Cignaroli» (Verona) with one thesis on relation-ship between art and madness.

1991: Third one-man show at Municipal Museum «Fioroni» of Legnago (Verona); Middletown's «Middfest International» (Ohio-USA); «Indagine artistica sul territorio» in Civic Art Gallery of Pescantina (Verona); «Il mare dipinto» in Civic Art Gallery of Cesenatico (Forli); «Mare Nostrum», First International Meeting, of Patras, Barcelona, Neaples, Marseille, Carthago.

1998: Patrizia is currently working as an elementary school teacher, bur her artist career has always been the continuum of her life. Constantly updating her knowledge and expertise in many branches of the fine arts, she is now expressing herself in the field of mosaics, portraits, ceramics, terra cotta, furniture, acrylic and collage compositions.

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