More Catalins

Fada 652 1945. Very similar to the 252 model, this one has the insert grill. A nice and well preserve unit ( small cracks near knobs) is in working condition. BC AC/DC price from 1,000+
Fada Radio, founded by Frank Angelo D'Andrea in Long Island City, Queens, was one of the heavy hitters in the radio game and was famous for timeless designs like the streamlined and futuristic Fada "Bullet". The "Temple", like the "Bullet" was actually designed pre-WW2 and went into production in 1940, but because such striking designs were not fully exploited due to wartime production, Fada brought them back bigger and bolder in 1946. The Temple is an incredible design: a flat, plainer surface on top, dropping on either end from rounded corners, bulging out until and abrupt pull back to a tapered base - it's one of my favorites! Made out of silky catalin, the Temple can be found in several color combinations; blue cases being the most rare.